Misty Dawn | Parker, CO | A Bolder Blonde Salon

I’m the Owner of A Bolder Blonde Salon, Head of Bolder Beauty, and Creator of Bolder Color.

After becoming a licensed cosmetologist in 1996, I became a Color Specialist at a prestigious salon in Boulder, CO. I moved from Boulder to Hilton Head Island, SC, before making Parker, CO my home. As an independent contractor, A Bolder Blonde was established in 2010. A Bolder Blonde Salon was established in 2017 when I moved into my own salon suite.

I remain continuously on-trend through education and creating my own branded content.

As the creator of the Bolder Color Program, I updated color education for hairdressers through brand new color theory for hair and a step-by-step guide for specific Color-Corrections. Bolder Color was designed to create a universal language for color among professionals.

As the Head of Bolder Beauty, I manage and oversee all digital, social, and printed Bolder Beauty content.

Above all else, I am a successful hairdresser and salon owner. I’m fully booked Friday to Monday and have opened Thursdays for new clients. Most of my new clients find me through searching for specialized hair services online; they are generally Color-Corrections and Haircutting-Corrections from other stylists or new clients who have just moved to Colorado. I love hair challenges and how my own clients love to keep me on my toes with hair transformations.

My passion for hair only grows as time goes on and I look forward to what the future holds for Bolder Beauty.

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Misty Dawn. Owner Of A Bolder Blonde Salon In Parker, CO.