Purple Shampoo | Parker, CO | A Bolder Blonde Salon

Joico Color Balance Shampoo in Purple is my go-to for my creamy beige Blondes and Brunettes!

How Often You Should Use It– Most of my clients use it once a week, some use it with every washing. It all depends on your preferences.

How To Use ItWash your hair with your normal shampoo. Then apply your Purple shampoo. Then follow up with your conditioner.

Where To Use It– Always start your shampoo application at different points of your head, on different days, to avoid color-collection on a specific point. Example– Apply to your ends first before proceeding to the scalp. The next time you use it, apply it to your scalp first and work down to your ends.

Purple Shampoo is a cool beige shampoo for blondes and brunettes. Lighter Blondes should wash their hair quickly with it. Medium Blondes can let it sit a few minutes. Light Brunettes can let it sit for up to five minutes. It all depends on your hair.

You also Do Not need to buy color conditioner! Color conditioner does not have the color load that the shampoo does and it’s generally not the best conditioner you could be using.

Joico’s Purple Shampoo does not leave a buildup and can be purchased at any Ulta Beauty store.

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