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Whether you’ve just had Highlights, All-Over Haircolor, a ShadowRoot ColorMelt, or a Balayage, your Haircolor Aftercare is the same.

*Do Not Wash Your Hair For 3 Days After A Color Process. Much like a perm, oxidation must occur so your hair can re-harden around your new color. If you wash prematurely, your color will simply go down the drain.

*Avoid Sweat-Inducing Workouts For 3 Days After A Color Process. The salt in your sweat will also strip color out at the root.

*Always Cap Your Hair In The Shower. Keep a shower cap on until the very end of your shower, then wash your hair. Water swells open the hair cuticle, and again, your color will go down the drain. The same happens if you wash your hair and then cap it wet for the rest of your shower. Water Swells Hair and causes color loss. You can get caps at any Sally’s, Target etc.

*Always Use A Soft And Buttery Shampoo.  If your hair is squeaky and tangled after shampooing, your color is going down the drain. The shampoo is too astringent. My preference for shampoo and conditioner is Matrix Total Results in Mega Sleek or Moisture Rich. You’ll feel the difference.

*Use Your Color Shampoo Immediately.  My clients that have maintained their best tone in their blonde, red etc. started using their color shampoo right away.  Feel out what’s best for you.

*Do Not Do A Hair Treatment Until 1 Week Before Your Next Color. Hair Treatments are known to strip out toners. If you’re using a color shampoo in your daily routine, that should help immensely. I also offer a Hair Treatment and Gloss Service in-salon to maintain your color after a treatment.

*If You’re A Chronic Hairwasher, You’ll Need A Colored Shampoo and At-Home Toner Kit. Washing your hair 1-2x a week is pretty average. If you’re washing 3+ times a week, you’ll need to do this protocol to maintain your color.

If you follow these 7 Rules for Haircolor Aftercare, you will notice a huge difference in how your hair feels and how your color looks.

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Haircolor Aftercare. A Bolder Blonde Salon in Parker, CO.
Haircolor Aftercare. A Bolder Blonde Salon in Parker, CO.
Haircolor Aftercare. A Bolder Blonde Salon in Parker, CO.
Haircolor Aftercare. A Bolder Blonde Salon in Parker, CO.