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Freehand Coloring, like Balayage, represents a number of new color service trends that you see all over the internet. Celebrities and models are often the first to wear them. But what are all these new color services and what do they look like?

Freehand Coloring represents a number of highly-skilled techniques. These techniques feature what we call Color Blurring, Color Smudging, ColorCombing, WaterColor, and ColorMelting for seamlessly blended color. The more blended the color, the more skilled the colorist.

The most known techniques of Freehand Coloring are the Ombre, Balayage, Balayage Ombre, Foilayage, ShadowRoot, and ColorMelt.

A Balayage is a freehanded highlight that typically starts further down the hair for a soft and natural growout.

Pronounced ‘Bah-Lei-Ahge,’ it’s a French originating word that means to sweep. In terms of haircolor, it means to sweep color over the hair.

There are many different versions of Balayage that a client can choose:

Deep Balayage– Starts lower on the hair for a deeper transition of color.

Bright Balayage– Starts higher for a lighter overall color.

Babylight Balayage– Uses a fine and concentrated weave, depending on the sections of hair, can produce a lot of lightness or very minimal. Ideally used as a faceframe or in a Foilayage.

Dimensional Balayage– Uses a thick weave in large sections for the most dimension.

Balayage Ombre– A lighter version of Balayage with completely lightened ends from the Ombre.

Reverse Balayage– Uses a darker color to add freehand lowlights to the hair, usually in conjunctions with a Shadow Root.

At A Bolder Blonde I always use WaterColor, ColorCombing, and ColorMelting techniques with my Balayage for the best blend you can get!

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