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Being a well-rounded Haircolor Specialist or a Haircolor Expert is vital to a hairdresser’s career.

Too often I see young hairdressers with a hyper focus on doing Vivid Color or Balayage and keeping their business solely on Instagram. I also see too many older hairdressers doing the same old work they’ve always done and keeping their business solely on Facebook.

A client wants to be assured that their hairdresser can tackle any color request, which can make a client feel secure in being much more adventurous with their hair and staying loyal to their hairdresser.

For a hairdresser, this means keeping greater client retention and client satisfaction.

My business might be named A Bolder Blonde but I hyper prioritize ALL of my color catalogue. I love showing my clients that they can trust me with literally anything.

They know that I LOVE color challenges, and keep me on my toes, so my workdays are never boring. But when you’ve been working on most of your client-fam for ten years, you’ve got to keep it spicy!

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